¡Welcome to Naranja Media's Internal Communication Study!

Our goal is to gain firsthand insights into the challenges and obstacles faced by companies through the world in terms of internal communication. Your valuable experience is essential in helping us build a comprehensive and practical overview for all businesses.

We invite you to participate in this study and contribute to the advancement of internal communication within your industry.

Why be part of this study?

We value your time and experience as much as our own, which is why:

Only few minutes to participate

Our form takes only 7 to 8 minutes to complete.

We maintain a high level of confidentiality

We would never share data with third parties. Additionally, your answers will be kept completely anonymous and will not be published individually.

Free strategic advisory service

As a thank you for your time and for contributing to this project, your company will receive: A completely free 40 minutes strategic advisory service.

Featured in our collaborators' section

The opportunity to be featured in our collaborators' section, if desired.

What are we looking for?

We aim to understand the internal communication challenges that companies in the Middle East are currently facing.

To know and make visible the state of internal communication in different business sectors.

Help find strategies to strengthen internal communication with ideas and creative ways to do it better.

Who are we looking for?

We are seeking input from leaders in the Human Resources and Communication departments of companies with more than 100 employees to gain insights into their experiences.

However, if you lead a smaller company, we still want to hear from you. Your perspective is valuable to us and will help us develop effective solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Frequent questions

The name of your company will only appear as a «collaborator» of the study if you want to. None of the information requested on an individual basis will be shared with any individual or organization.

The study will be published on the Naranja Media website, and each of the collaborators will be given a PDF with the study, as well as the analysis and proposal for the main challenges evidenced.

Yes, most of the answers are optional and do not involve specific confidential information.

The study has 3 phases of questions:

  1. Information about the role and person responding to the study.
  2. Company size overview
  3. Challenges in the area of ​​internal communications

Worldwide companies from various sectors with more than 100 employees.

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¡Let's make history together!

Join our study and help us revolutionize the way we communicate.